Dating Website & App Safety Tips

Dating apps and sites provide a safe and reliable avenue for singles to meet singles, sugar daddies to find beautiful college girls, and sugar mummies to discover fine-looking young men. Online dating has abridged the distance to finding love and filled the vacuum caused by shyness, age difference, and societal expectations.

Sites and apps have helped in the massive growth and popularity of online dating. Online dating comes with its share of challenges and security threats. Before you delve into the world of finding love online, get to know how to use dating sites and apps safely.

Privatize Your Contact Info

Don’t provide your contact and personal details while creating a profile on your selected dating site or app. Privatize your email, address, names, birth dates, and phone number. Your potential lover is likely to perform an internet search using the data available on the dating site or app’s profile to learn more about you.

If you’ve entered the same or similar data on your social media accounts, you’ll end up exposing yourself totally to a stranger, who may use the data to blackmail or scam you.

Investigate Every Potential Suitor

Not all profiles on online dating apps and sites are genuine. Some are for cyberbullies and scammers. You can’t tell who is genuine and who is not, and so the only way out is to investigate every potential suitor.

Copy and paste the image or names pictured on the potential suitor’s profile on the Google search engines. Google will use binary data, facial recognition, or landmark identification to search and compare the image, directing you to all websites that have any similar data.

Report Unscrupulous Activities

There’re no constitutional laws to guide online dating. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve no rights and privileges. It’s your right to be safe while dating online. All dating apps and sites have the responsibility of providing a safe and serene dating environment. They should allow you to block and report suspicious activities and accounts.

Don’t Send Your Date Money

Never use money as a bait to lure dates into your side. You can’t tell who is genuinely looking for love and who is using dating sites and apps for financial gains. You can’t trace or recover the money you send to people you find in online dating sites.

Scammers are persuasive and will quickly lure you into their game if you aren’t smart and careful. Regardless of how desperate you are to meet your true love, avoid sharing money to a date before you meet, know each other, and seal your love.

Try to Keep Conversations on the Dating Site or App

Try to keep the conversations on the dating app or site. Scammers will want you to move your communications to text or email, claiming that they rarely log onto their dating accounts or their subscription is about expiring. The level of risk involved when engaging outside the app is quite higher. When scammers get hold of your email or phone number, they are likely to use it to defraud you.