Online Dating Safety Tips

Is online dating safe? This question has been asked a thousand and one times. People want to know if their safety is guaranteed when they are having fun, interacting, and socializing online. There’s no shortcut to your safety in the online dating fraternity.

While dating sites and apps play their part to protect you, you should perform your role, too. Don’t just expose yourself to the world, and expect things to flow normally.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Dating Online

Internet dating isn’t entirely safe. Of course, if you keep your game secret, you won’t expose yourself to scavengers. However, if you publicize yourself, you won’t enjoy the experiences. These are the things you shouldn’t do when dating online.

Don’t Give Out your Details

If you give details of your real name, phone number, street name, and email address, you will be exposing yourself to the world to take advantage of your naivety. Don’t give scammers and cyberbullies an opportunity to terrorize you by giving out your personal details. Avoid sharing your data on the dating app or website.

Don’t Send Money to Strangers

Even if you’ve dated for months, don’t send money to the person you are dating. Provided you’ve not met and discussed anything progressive related to your relationship, never send money.

Don’t Play Cool

If you play the innocent boy or girl, the dating world may not treat you fairly.  By playing cool guy, ladies will stamp on your already painful feet, forcing you to send money to them. Also, if you play a cool girl, men may end up taking advantage of your innocent.

Don’t Be Harsh to Suitors

You’ve created a profile on the dating site because you wanted to find new suitors. Playing harsh to potential suitors will only increase your days of being single. The more you keep on acting rude, the lower the chances you will find anyone to love you.

What Should You Do?

If you’re to be safe while dating online, you must know what you should do. You need to understand the things you should do to maximize your safety and avoid being trapped in cyberbullying or scams.

Use Google Number

Once you’ve chatted and agreed to exchange contacts, try creating a Google phone number and share it with your potential suitor instead. That way, if they are scammers, you will be safe.

Video Call and Chat

Before you set up a meeting, you should first video call each other. Through video chatting, you’ll get to know if the person you’re dating is as real as his or her photos. If a date rejects the offer to video chat with you, cancel the meeting immediately.

Google the Date

Research the photos and names of the person you want to date, so you can know if they are real. If they are authentic, you’ll be directed to the social media accounts of the date when you search their images or name on the Google search engine.

Don’t Meet Anywhere Private

After you’ve agreed to meet, you should organize to meet in a  public place. Avoid meeting in private areas as that could put you at risk if you are dealing with scammers or kidnappers.

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Dating Apps vs Dating Sites: Which to Use?

Just a decade ago, dating online could make you socially stigmatized and criticized. In some societies, it was even considered a taboo. Now, dating online is a craze that may never go out of fashion.

Dating apps and sites come a long way, enabling internet dating to earn its current reputation and popularity. Dating apps vs dating sites: Which to use? This article will address this question comprehensively and deeply.

Is there any Difference Between Dating Apps and Sites?

There is not much difference between dating sites and apps. Almost 90% of dating sites come with a mobile-friendly version in the form of an app. Some sites offer the same membership benefits as apps.

However, most dating sites offer a free app version, but with limited features and benefits. Most apps make money from in-app purchases and advertisements, the reason they’re offered free of charge.

What You May Like About Dating Apps?

Dating apps are created to be lighter and user-friendly. Some apps let you sign in using your social media accounts, which lessen the amount of time you’ve to spend creating a new account. Dating apps are mobile-friendly, and so they load faster and more smoothly.

Applications make online dating cool and fun. You can use them comfortably on your smartphone while exploring the world or doing other cool stuff. These apps enable you to make the most of your smartphone, giving you a chance to connect with the world more fantastically.

Also, dating apps bring the authenticity of your profile to a new level. Since most require you sign in using your social media account such as Facebook, all the data presented on your profile will be a replica of the details you’ve provided on the selected social media platform.

What Might You Like About Dating Sites?

Dating sites present all the features and benefits you can’t get from apps. Apps offer limited features, which limits your dating experiences. For instance, apps do not give you the flexibility to explore the info on different profiles. Also, apps may only link you to the people who share similar hobbies, interests, and goals as you.

Dating sites open the arena for you in full, ensuring you access and make the most of all the features you need for your dating experiences to be amazing. As with dating sites, you can access them using any device, including laptops, desktops, and smartphones.

Dating Apps vs Dating Sites: Which to Use?

Not sure whether to use dating sites or apps, don’t worry. Dating sites are the best choice for singles who want to enjoy more flexible flexibility and control over everything they do while dating. Dating apps are perfect for singles who want to have fun, access and make the most of their time, without being controlled or limited.

Those who want to enjoy a mix of control and fun, without getting limited should consider using dating apps and sites concurrently. The online dating services are offered free of charge and so why not try both?