May 22, 2020

5 Dating Tips for Shy Guys

By Emily

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Being shy shouldn’t disconnect you from the world of dating. Most men are shy when close to women as they always fear to get nasty feedback from the women they approach. Shyness isn’t a sin or crime such that it should hold you from making a move to approach women you like. Not dated before and want to get into the dating world, watch out for our version of dating tips for shy guys.

Accept Yourself the Way You Are

Girls aren’t going to take your shyness for granted. Some will joke about it, while others will use it against you. Shyness can be replaced with boldness and overconfidence if you first understand yourself. Figure out the reason for your shyness.

Try analyzing the feelings and emotions that trigger the feeling of shyness when you’re around women. If it’s the fear of being rejected, try approaching the ladies when away from crowded areas. If it comes naturally when around ladies, try to rehearsal what you will tell your potential date beforehand.

Commit to Your Plans

If you’ve decided to approach a lady, don’t shy off. Commit to your plans by telling her exactly what you had planned. Avoid shying away from interactions. Instead, practice the habit of engaging ladies of different characters.

Not all interactions will come out positive, but it’s worth it to maintain your stand and commit to your plans until you convince her to accept you. Missing a target today doesn’t mean you will miss tomorrow. So why not practice approaching ladies every other day?

Dress Smartly and Make your Body Language Responsive

Your dressing code may not have any relationship with the way your body reacts while conversing with a woman you like. However, dressing smartly and adjusting your body language to converse a positive picture about you can enable you to woo women even before you approach them.

It may surprise you to notice that women are following you and inquiring about your mobile no even before you approach them. Most women use your dress code and body language to gauge their compatibility with what they are looking for in a man.

Interact With Women Often

Don’t limit your interactions with women to the ones you like. Interact with women daily both on official and casual commitments. Sharing a lot with women will enable you to know how to live and start conversations with ladies of all character traits and ages. Once you realize the master code to unlock friendships and relationships with women of different types, it will be easier for you to approach any women.

Be Respectful

Unless you’ve other unique traits, if you’re a shy guy, you’ll rarely get any offers from women. In fact, most women will stay clear of you since they will gauge you from a different angle. Use nice and respectable words when approaching women. Don’t shout or say nasty things to the women who reject you. Instead, learn to appreciate their decisions and forge forward without causing unnecessary dramas by insulting those who reject you.