"Mick" Rescue Horse Off Track Thoroughbred 17 hands horse, khia, rescue

Winter is upon us once again and with the cold and wind bring new challenges for the horses and the volunteers here. Round bales of hay are very important for them as the eating process increases their body temperature and the calories keep their weight up. We need more round bales. Also, we have received many kind donations for warm blankets and we are very appreciative. Our larger horses are well equipped. Some of the smaller rescue horses are in need of proper fitting blankets. All in all we are heading into the winter doing quite well, but please don't forget about them and if it is in your ability to come volunteer to help water them and care for them this winter- more hands would be helpful.

A special thank you to:

Churchville Moose Lodge
5709 Chili Riga Center Rd

Wish List

  • Paper Shavings
  • Horse Blankets
  • Hand Warmers
  • Nutrena Feed tags
  • Empty bottles to return